China Business Law Awards 2020
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    Dear Colleague

    China Business Law Journal is conducting extensive research for the China Business Law Awards, which will be granted to the best Chinese and international law firms for the China market and the results will be announced in March 2020.

    As part of this process, we are requesting nominations from in-house counsel, corporate executives and legal professionals around the world. Anyone with knowledge or experience of China-related legal services provided by Chinese or international law firms during 2019 is welcome to make nominations*.

    The nomination form that follows invites you to nominate three Chinese law firms and three international law firms in rank order in a number of categories. Please feel free to make nominations in any/all categories with which you are familiar. As you do so, you are encouraged to think about big firms and small firms, old firms and new firms, specialist firms and general practice firms. Please base your nominations on firms’ performances during 2019.
    The deadline for making nominations is 22 January (Wednesday).
    Thank you for your support. We look forward to receiving your nominations.

    Frankie Wang, Associate Editor
    Kelley Fong, Publisher
    China Business Law Journal

    *If you work at a law firm, you are only permitted to nominate other law firms. We have invited law firms to make separate submissions in support of their own candidacy for China Business Law Journal’s awards. If you would like to make a submission for your own law firm, please email for more information.
    China Business Law Journal’s China Business Law Awards are presented annually and judged on a number of criteria, including nominations received from in-house counsel and other qualified observers, submissions provided by candidate law firms, reference checks with law firm clients and other research conducted by China Business Law Journal’s editorial team. For more information about the awards and evaluation process, please contact associate editor Frankie Wang at + 852 3622 3841 or Publisher Kelley Fong at + 852 3622 2612, or email


    China Business Law Journal 《商法》目前正为 商法卓越律所大奖 进行广泛调研。评选结果将于 2020 年三月公布。

    我们现正邀请关注中国事务的公司法务、企业高管及法律专家进行提名。 任何提名人只要曾与中国律所或外资律所合作,并对其服务有正面体会,都欢迎推荐其赏识的律所。*

    您可选择自己熟悉的全部或部分执业范畴作出提名。每个范畴可提名您赏识的中国律所及外资律所最多各三家 ( 按服务质量排名 ) 。在提名时,我们建议以律所提供的服务质量作考虑, 而不限于律所规模的大小、成立时间长短、服务领域的多寡等因素 。请以 2019年度的律所表现为依据作出提名。

    问卷的提交截止日期为 1  22日(星期三)再次感谢您的支持, 我们期待您的提名与回复 。

    副主编 王雪晴

    出版人 方启理
    China Business Law Journal 《商法》

    * 如果您是在中国律所或国际律所工作的律师,请勿提名您自身所在的律所,这类提名亦不会获得考虑。我们已邀请中外律所为参加年度律所评选另行提交相应资料。如果您在律所工作并希望为贵所提交评选资料,请通过电邮

    商法卓越律所大奖的奖项将授予在该年度各执业领域中杰出的中国律所和外国律所。评选过程秉承公平、客观的宗旨和原则。编缉部透过广泛征集的律所提名及有关意见、律所客户及推荐人的评语、及编辑部对律所各领域表现作出综合考虑而评选。如果想进一步了解奖项评选事宜,欢迎联系副主编 Frankie 王雪晴 +852 3622 3841 或出版人 Kelley 方启理 +852 3622 2612,或通过电邮 联系我们。

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